Getting Started
with the PIC(R) MCU's

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  • To get started using PIC(R) microcontrollers you will need:

  • A PC running Windows 95. XP works for me.

  • MPLAB which is software that runs on a PC. It includes a text editor for creating assembly language source code and an assembler to convert the source code into a form which can be programmed into the PIC microcontroller. MPLAB is available at no cost from Microchip's web site.

    MPLAB details are available on this site using the "MPLAB" link on the left.

    It is a great tool and it is free!

  • A device programmer to program PIC microcontrollers. The Microchip PICkit2 or 3 are good choices.

  • A PIC16F84A-04/P or two.

  • A simple test circuit to exercise the PIC16F84A (experiments). A schematic is included in "Easy Microcontrol'n".

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